Exo Labs Camera

Exo Labs Model 2 Camera

The new Exo Labs Model 2 Camera is designed for newer iPad® models and utilizes the LightningTM connector. The camera attaches to virtually any microscope, allows for instant streaming to an iPad via the Exo Labs App, and quickly charges your iPad while connected.

Features of the Exo Labs Model 2 Camera:

  • Field of view is 50% larger than M1 model, so you see more of what is featured under the microscope
  • Frame rate at 640 x 480 is 400% faster (15fps to 60fps)
  • Frame rate at 2048 x 1536 is 300% faster (3fps to 15fps)
  • A new sensor means increased processing power, higher image quality, and better performance at lower light
  • Lightning connector implementation for faster data transfer speeds and compatibility with newer devices
  • Custom cable with 2400mA capacity conveniently charges your iPad while you use the camera
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Exo Labs Model 1 Camera

Exo Labs Model 1 Camera

Insert the Exo Labs Camera into any microscope, plug it into an iPad®, and it just works. Using our free app, you will be streaming high-quality images and videos, and sharing with others in no time. If you have an older iPad with a 30-pin connector, Model 1 is a perfect option for you.

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Take high-quality photos and videos, including time-lapse. Measure lengths or size of items, count elements of different specimens, and create annotations for the images you create. You even have the ability to go back edit photos in the app after they have already been saved.


The Exo Labs Camera goes beyond the microscope. A quick change to our variable lens turns the camera into a stand-alone specimen or dissection camera—great for viewing bugs, rocks, stamps, coins, electronics and whatever else interests you. The custom lens adapter means you can switch between the micro and the macro world in a matter of seconds.


The Exo Labs Camera works great with virtually any type of microscope—the classic microscope set up, a binocular microscope, a trinocular microscope, a dissection microscope and more. The Exo Labs Camera is a great complement to existing microscope technology, and will take your experience to the next level.


The Exo Labs Camera takes what was once an isolated experience and transforms it into a shared one. Share instantly via email or cloud-connected storage.


Our custom cable charges your iPad while you're using the camera, giving you freedom of mind to keep exploring for as long as you'd like.


The Exo Labs Camera is designed to withstand the rigors of classroom and lab use. From its sturdy aluminum body to its shock-mounted electronics, our camera is built to last.

Technical Specs

Exo Labs Model 2 Camera

The Model 2 camera is designed for newer iPad® models, and utilizes the LightningTM connector. It provides faster performance, increased field of view, and higher-quality imaging for an even better user experience.

For full technical specifications and system requirements, download the brochure here.

Exo Labs Model 1 Camera

The Exo Labs Camera instantly connects to the 30-pin port on compatible iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices. If your Apple® mobile device has a Lightning connector, you can use the Exo Labs Camera with a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (purchased separately from Apple).

For full technical specifications and system requirements, download the brochure here.